About Us

Local TPMS Producer

There is only 3% of citizens in Malaysia are using this product due to Malaysians aren’t know TPMS well. The demand of Malaysian is high for TPMS but there is no local and honesty company in Malaysia, therefore people can’t buy TPMS in local store with professional services and warranty.

Promoting TPMS via Social Media

In order to bring the TPMS knowledge and information to the Malaysians, HEKKUSE produced TPMS and promoting TPMS via social media (FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, etc) at the first.

HEKKUSE started to cooperate with Tyre Shops (Dealers) in Malaysia in order to provide best and professional services to the Malaysians.

Business Opportunity

Also, the Malaysians can find HEKKUSE’s Dealers in different areas of Malaysia. At the same time, HEKKUSE also provided business opportunities to the Tyre Shops in Malaysia.


Experiences in Car Tyre


Coorperates with us in
only 6 months’ time.

The founder of HEKKUSE has more than 20 years’ experiences in Car Tyre Industry. Therefore, the founder has enough experience to lead HEKKUSE growing continuously in the future. HEKKUSE has more than 60 dealers cooperate with us in only 6 months’ time.

Also, HEKKUSE became a fast-growing company in 2018. More importantly, HEKKUSE achieved ASIA HONESTY BRAND AWARD in 2018.

“Our aim is to bring the safety
knowledge and information to all the
consumers in Malaysia.”

In the future, HEKKUSE aims to produce and
selling Car Safety Products in the market.